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App for glitcher Empty App for glitcher

Post  Hax Ur Mommy on Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:12 am

Name- You don't need to know this --'
Age- 15
Reason For Wanting to be a glitcher- guz i'm bored in runescape, i got runescape'd alot
I alched all my bank on my main when pk was dead.., and now i want to have some fun Surprised
Glitches you have found (2 or more only)- didn't found any yet but did do some
-> Bolt Duplication,Adding Self to Friends List (lol), Barbarian Assault Rune's Smuggle,Dreadlocks Glitch
3 Already Glitchers Or Moderators Who want to join- hu'h?
Will you contribute to the Glitches Section- ye ofcourse
MSN Name- Ain't giving it
Runescape Name (optional)- Ain't giving this to :d

Hax Ur Mommy

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App for glitcher Empty Re: App for glitcher

Post  The Granny on Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:23 am

Thanks for your Application.
On the Part With 3 Moderators or Already Glitchers you need to try and get people to want you to be a glitcher,
so basically ask a mod or glitcher to reply to this thread and say they want you to be accepted.
I will count as one, so two more to go!

Good luck being accepted!
The Granny
The Granny

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