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Post  Juggalo15767 on Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:26 pm

Name- Nathan
Age- 24
Reason For Wanting to be a glitcher- I've always looked around for glitches because it's a high interest I have. Anything to make jagex hate me i'm up for =D
Glitches you have found (2 or more only)- I'm sure I was not the first but I however did find the dupe the day the coin pouch was released. Also i've managed to get things to sell over and over just don't know how i did it. When i found it on accident i was flipping obby shields so i kept selling them over n over.
3 Already Glitchers Or Moderators Who want to join- I'm new to the site so none i suppose.
Will you contribute to the Glitches Section- Oh for sure.
MSN Name- None
Runescape Name (optional)- Erm rules say not to lol
Rank In World 31 CC- None. Not sure of the cc to be honest. I've seen vids for awhile and decided today to see if you had a site. I'm a very dedicated guy though.


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