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Post  The Granny on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:38 pm

Hi, I am hosting a small competition,
It is for people to design a good logo for the top of the page.

It can have anything in it but Must display the words "Team H A X" in a way.
It can be drawn or done on a computer.

Please Post your submissions below.
If you need a way to upload your picture and dont know how to do it,
Please search google for "Image Hosting" and select the first link.

Good Luck, I will choose the best ones that I think are worthy of being Logos.
After I have selected the best 3 (If there even is 3 Very Happy ) I shall make a poll and let the community of Team HAX vote for the ultimatley best one.

Once Again, GOOD LUCK! Very Happy
The Granny
The Granny

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