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Welcome to the official Forum of Team HAX! Empty Welcome to the official Forum of Team HAX!

Post  The Granny on Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:34 pm

Hi, Its The Granny here.

I thought we all needed to safe place to discuss glitches where jagex couldnt find out or ban us.
The Glitches Sub-Forum is only availible to Proffessional Glitchers and Moderators.
Only they can read and post things inside there.
This way nothing should get leaked and it will take longer for Jagex to Patch it.

If you would like to apply to be able to read and write in the Glitches sub-forum please apply in Application Area.

Now for all of you who cant be a "Glitcher" or Moderator you can still access the Runescape Related Section where you can post guides, Give help, or Look at Bannings. Anything that "floats your boat" Razz
Also visit the "Patched Glitches", "Bug Abuse", "Hall of Fame/Shame" or Post some off topic things that you want to discuss.

Please Read the rules before posting however.

Granny Very Happy

The Granny
The Granny

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